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May 19 2000
-Added namespace preservation for XSP pages. To preserve namespaces in an XSP page, add an "xsp:xxx" attribute to the page's root element, where "xxx" is the namespace and the attribute value is the namespace URI
-Added boolean attribute "create-session" to <xsp:page> in order to allow for the automatic creation of servlet sessions without intervening <xsp:logic>
-Added "*" to the list of default XSP page Java imports
-Added synchronization on code generation, compilation and loading
-Added support for charset encodings in code generation and compilation. Tested only with Russian under Blackdown's JDK1.2
-fixed xpath position() problem that caused the slideshow example to behave strangely. Weird.
-fixed a problem with memory store sweeping idle time declared as seconds and used as milliseconds which caused heavy CPU usage for undetectable misconfiguration.
-fixed bug in SQL taglib when doc-element was missing
-fixed bug in SQL taglib's count rows query
-Work around context.getRealPath() that fails on some engines.
-Fixed problem with getResource() not implemented on some servlet engine. Now we test for Servlet 2.2
-Fixed backslash escaping in text node strings
-Fixed invalid code for <util:include-file>. Added debug info to <util:include-uri>
-Added SVG formatting properties.
-Changed behavior for absolute stylesheet hrefs which now point to absolute URI addresses.
-Changed "create-session" attribute in <xsp:page> to accept only "true" and "false" as dictated by the XML Schema boolean datatype
-Fixed bug resulting in multiple <xsp:page> top elements