Perl SAX
Simple Perl API for XML Processing
This is the official Perl SAX page. The former Perl SAX page is no more maintained. Perl SAX is a part of the Perl XML Project hosted by Sourceforge. Use the mailing list to discuss Perl SAX.
Perl SAX is a common parser interface for XML parsers. It allows to write applications that use XML parsers, but are independent of which parser is actually used. In contrast with Java, Perl SAX is not fully defined by a code distribution. The interface is described with the specification. However, there exists XML::SAX package providing base classes, a fall-back parser, etc. Make sure to employ this package when you are using Perl SAX.
Perl SAX 2.1
The current stable version is 2.1:
Perl SAX 2.0
The previous version of Perl SAX was 2.0. The 2.0 API is defined by the following documents:
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